Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Pic - "Vixen - Butt Nakked!!"

In the interests of furthering worldwide political discussion, bringing an end to human suffering and destroying capitalism in all it's many and varied forms, I hereby present the naked, bare ass and fully unclothed version of Vixen..

Yep guys, she's naked :)


Anonymous said...

Cheat.... Thats just the same pic coloured in differently!!!

Jon Moss said...

Ok it's a fair cop, you got me ;)

I needed something to put in my adult gallery though, so this was an easy option.

There will be 100% totally new pics soon though..

Anonymous said...

Hello Jon,

Nothing to worry.
At least we can see that she is topless regularly : Tanned t.ts, and untanned p.ssy.

Jon Moss said...

Yeah I thought the tan line where the bikini bottoms were added a little extra :)