Monday, December 27, 2010

Miss Mosh - Inks

Finished inks for an upcoming pic of the fabulous festish model Miss Mosh. Please check out her deviantART page if you aren't aquainted with her work, you won't be sorry!!

I had lostsa fun with this pose, it was quite a challenge to pull off those legs and hands in that position but I think she turned out ok.

Colours will be posted soon!

Wonder Woman

Another "tooned-up" piccy, this time I attempted one of my favourite superheroes.

She's a cutie alright! Ready to tackle whatever evil is out there waiting for her!!

Bella Bootay

Inks & colours for my toon pin-up girl.

I was trying out a new style here which I really like, so expect more cute "toon" style girls shortly!

Bikini Buster

The finished colours for my totally unseasonal sun-kissed bikini babe!

I really like how the colours on this one turned out, I think I managed to capture that tanned look that I was going for.

The man from Del Monte, he say YES!! :-)

Revenge is Sweet - Inks

The finished inks for an upcoming bondage pin-up.

I'm still working on the colours for this one, just can't seem to get them to my liking at the moment. Will post the completed version soon hopefully.


Apologies for the general lack of updates here since October. I really don't mean to ignore this blog, I just get sidetracked with putting my work up on deviantART first.

Therefore my New Year's resolution for the coming year will be to update this page as I produce each new picture.

To get things back on track I'll be uploading the backlog of images completed since my last update, in the next few posts.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!