Monday, March 21, 2011

Carmen - Inks

Time for another pin-up girl!!

Was looking through my gallery and decided that I really liked the way my Jesikah Maximus pin-up turned out. Generally when I look back on old images I can't bear to look at them as all the mistakes leap out, but aside from her nose (which I admit I messed up) I really liked the style & colouring of that image.

So I decided to do another image with the same pin-up feel, and of couse I simply couldn't forget giving her a generous helping of bootay too!



Well I guess I'm back to drawing topless girls again!

Just wanted to do a simple pin-up head & shoulders shot for a change. I enjoy going to town on the hair, love drawing all the flowing lines & it's good linework practice.

Almost had her wearing a bikini at one point but thought it was time for some nudity in my gallery again.

Did I mention I love red-heads? Heh, well if you've been following me for any length of time you've probably realised that by now.


Apologies for lapse in updates again, so much for my new year resolution! Let's rectify that straight away.

Couldn't resist this one really. Saw Tron Legacy & really enjoyed it, but Jeff Bridges & Lightcycles aside Quorra was definitely the standout for me.

I loved Olivia Wilde's take on this character. My fav scene was Quorra professing her love of Jules Verne, so geektastic!

Ok there's a few issues with my version of the suit. I flipped the reference image before I drew it and didn't realise the light strip only runs down one leg & should actually be on her other leg. Then I saw the movie & was "DOH!", so there's that..

I also added a few more light strips to the suit as it was looking a little lifeless. So not totally 100% accurate but like The Goonies it's good enough!