Sunday, March 05, 2006

Welcome & New Artwork

Hey people, welcome to the new "blog" on

Everyone seems to be doing these blog things now, so I thought I'd join 'em. Plus it's a much easier way for me to update the site with my new artwork. This blog will feature all my new artwork as it's completed, which will also be available in the galleries on the main site. Therefore you can just bookmark this blog and be confident of seeing all my new work as it gets published.

So to get this show on the road here's two of my latest pieces.

The honey above is entitled "Vixen". I basically wanted to draw a girl with very generous boobs and a top that's several sizes too small!! Just look at those puppies.. they're threatening to pop right out of that top! Those panties are pretty tight too.. which reminds me, check out the large version for the detail on the camel-toe!!

The second pic is a bit of a change for me. Every now and againI do draw something other than babes & boobs. This guy was originally designed as a tattoo for one of my girlies, however I kept adding more and more detail until it turned into a fully blown picture. Oh and yes, it was partly inspired by Coop's devil logo.

Ok folks, that's it for now but stay tuned for futher updates soon (I promise)...

Thanks for reading, take care.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you really follow up on your promise to regularly update the site.

I especially like the eyes of "Blue Devil".

This time the two girlies have a little bit too much flesh on the waist for my taste.

But as usual, great work again.

Maybe you can remember the email conversation we had about dual screen wallpapers and your concern about copyright and theft ?
At (Joel Adams) uses very subtle watermarking to protect his artwork.
May be worth a look.

Jon Moss said...

Cheers Robert,

Thanks for the first comment on my new Blog..

I checked out Joel Adam's site regarding the watermark, and I'll have to try something similar. There may well be dual screen wallpapers yet!

He does some cute artwork, the eyes are a little too big (saucer-like??) for my tastes, but cute all the same.

Oh, and as for the extra flesh on my gals there may well be more of that soon. I'm currently having fun drawing more rounded & fleshy girls.

I don't think the "Vixen" pic has that much flesh on her waist, more that her panties are so tight her flesh is bulging out over the sides :)

Anonymous said...

The eyes are oversized, very Manga like.
And all Lilz are definitely cute.
Almost like fairies.

Well we'll notice when your ready to release dual screen wallpapers.

And I guess the only way to find out about Vixen's waist, is to take her panties off.

Jon Moss said...

I'll try & get some dual screen wallpapers up on the weekend Robert.

As for Vixen's panties coming off, it is a possibility. I have in the past done alternate x-rated versions of my pics, with the clothes/bikini removed!

It may happen..

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell!
Good times are upon us.

Anonymous said...


Thanks sooooo much for the dual screen wallpapers.

And also thanks for fulfilling my request to "dualise" Eliza - Kinky Boots and Martini Gal first.

But you made it very very difficult to choose. I only expected one wallpaper at a time actually.
(Excuse me for my whingeing.)

Currently Eliza - Kinky Boots is on my screen.
I really love the almost larger than life right hand side of the wallpaper.
Looks likes she's right behind the glass off my monitors.
Also the eyes of all three look even more realistic.
Snowbound's facial expression is even more mysterious. I always wonder whether she has positive, negative, or sad thoughts.
(Maybe she's just cold.)

I wish I had a camera, so that I could send you some pictures.

Thanks again.
I really appreciate it.

Jon Moss said...

No problem Robert,

Glad you like the new wallpapers! I do my artwork at quite high resolution, so when I enlarge areas (such as the Kinky Boots pic), I still retain the detail.

I couldn't resist adding the SnowBound one, as I thought she looked amazing in the "widescreen" image.

In fact I'm rather taken with them myself, so there will definitely be more to follow at some stage...

Anonymous said...

Your artwork must surely be at very high resolution when enlarging it at this scale doesn't introduce jaggies.
How's Photoshop's performance at these resolutions ?

Too bad you're not using Illustrator. I'm trying to finish the tutorial in Illustrator, but it's awkward to say the least to have to translate the colouring to Illustrator.

Oh, and I'm Snowbound today.
And I'm almost sure I saw one of her eyes wink. (At me ?)

Don't create too many.
It's already difficult to choose from three.

Jon Moss said...

Yes Robert, I work at very high resolution as I like being able to zoom in & add detail, plus the colouring tends to blend together nicely when you shrink it down to the final viewing size.

As an example the original Elisa - Kinky Boots pic was 9927 x 7289 at 200 dpi! Whew!! Photoshop tends to be ok with that size but you need a LOT of memory. I have an AMD 64 with 2GB and a couple of 300GB hard drives.

I've tried Illustrator but never really took to it. Photoshop is so natural for me now, that I automatically do stuff without having to think about it. I'm too lazy to learn Illustrator, I guess!

Oh and keep an eye out for the nude version of Vixen, I'm just finishing her off. She should be up sometime this weekend.. no panties, no top, nothing :)

Anonymous said...

You lucky dog.
You always get to see them first like that.