Saturday, July 04, 2009

Masuimi Max

Pin-up of the one and only... Masuimi Max.

I’ve wanted to do a pin-up of Masuimi for a while now, she’s quite possibly my favourite fetish model along with Bianca Beauchamp. Hell, throw Aria Giovanni into the mix & have them duke it out, rip a little clothing and make faces at each other, and I'll be a happy guy!

I adore her tattoos, but they’re bloody complicated and tricky, especially that back tat!!

I actually ended up recreating her entire back tattoo (from photo reference) as a separate image, coloured it and then mapped it onto her back. It’s not totally perfect, but unless you're comparing it to a photo then I doubt you'd notice. It came out a little bright, but then this is a pin-up and it's supposed to be stylized I guess.

The flower in her hair started off as a Rose, but my creative side got the better of me.

Anyways, I'm tired.. time to sleep..


Btw - I adore tattoos on girls if they're done properly. Masuimi's add to her personality and I couldn't imagine her without them. Amy Winehouse though, hmmm well that's a different matter isn't it ?