Sunday, May 28, 2006

New Pic - "Chasing The Dragon"

My latest pic has been under development for some time now. I originally drew the pencils for this one back in December, then inked her up a few months later, and now finally she's coloured!! So please without further ado google, stare and gawk (with the appropriate amount of awe) at my new redheadded goddess..

Not a lot to say really except *PHEW*!! This is one of my most detailed pics to date , just look at that hair will you??!! That alone took a good few nights of work just to ink up, don't even ask about the colouring ;-)

However I fully understand if your attention is drawn away from her hair by that gorgeous round shiny ass!! I made a commitment recently to start drawing more shapely girls, and I think this is probably my curviest little honey yet!

Just for the completists, here's a close up of her face, hair and tattoo...

Far too much detail in this one, but I think (hope??) it all pays off in the end! More soon..

*EDIT* Unfortunately Blogger seems to compress these .jpg files even more once they're uploaded, leading to additional noise & artifacts on the image! Therefore you can find a better quality untarnished full size version of the final image at my DeviantArt page here

Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Pic - "Little Miss Hellraiser"

Ok back with a new piccy..

This one started off based on one of my fav models Masuimi Max, but kinda veered off course a little. There's still a little of Masuimi Max's cuteness in the face if you look closely though..

I've been toying over adding some tattoos to her, however the ones I tried didn't look quite right. I may however alter her at some stage. I think her arms need some tats, they look a little bare at the moment.

I just have a feeling she's slightly unfinished without some insane body modifications! She does have an eyebrow piercing if you look closely though..

More soon, thanks for reading!