Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Pic - "Amber"

This is the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of cartoon style portraits. I wanted a break from doing full length pin-up style work, and thought some close-up portraits using my "slightly large head-but still cute" style would be a refreshing change.

Her hair took ages!! *PHEW* But I enjoyed colouring it, and finally managed to pull off the highlights in the hair properly. I've also been paying close attention to my inking recently, and it's just as well, as all those curves in her flowing hair really put me to the test..

Overall I'm very happy with this one. I think the linework & colours really compliment each other (which is what I'm always striving for).

More sexy cuties soon...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WIP - "Stabbed in the Back - Final Pencils"

Something a little different for me....

I've been trying to push myself in my artwork recently. I wanted to get some emotion in my pictures and depart from the standard pin-up style I always seem to fall back on. When I look back at my work almost all my girls are standard pin-up girls, sporting the standard pin-up smiles or temping pouts. For once, I wanted to try something with a little underlying meaning to it.

This idea just popped into my head. I think we can all identify with feeling like we've been stabbed in the back at certain points in our lives. I pushed myself with this one to try & create the emotion of the girl not just in her expression, but with her whole body kinda slumping over. Even her hair is hanging down listless.

Plus it was a trial of my new 0.5mm mechanical pencil, which allows me to get really fine linework and details.

She'll be coloured up & finished soon..

Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Pic - "Elexis Sinclaire"

This latest pin-up is based on the character Elexis Sinclaire, from the PC computer game Sin. She was basically the femme fatale baddie in the game, and to be honest the game is probably more infamous for her inflated chest then anything else!

I got the idea for this one after I saw this piccy of glamour/fetish model Bianca Beauchamp dressed up as the character.

Bianca was hired to officially portray Elexis, when the last game Sin: Emergence was released last year. I was so taken with Bianca in the outfit that I thought I'd knock up a cartoon verison of my own. Incidentally if you're as taken with Bianca as I am, then please visit her website. Trust me you won't be sorry, she's a total goddess!

More stuff soon..

Sunday, June 03, 2007

WIP - "Tasmin - Final Pencils"

Finished pencils for another close-up cutie..

A girl with big flowing hair was the aim here, cascading over her shoulders. Halfway through it all went a bit 70's Charlie's Angels/Farrah Fawcett with some flicks in the hair, which is no bad thing as Farrah Fawcett was a major hottie :)

I added the freckles as a last minute thing, not sure if I'll keep them for the final image though.

Damn that hair's gonna take FOREVER to ink !!!