Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Pic - "Wet Honey"

How's this for a quick update! I finished this pic a few weeks ago but didn't get round to posting it. I don't know why as I like it a lot, especially the water in the background which came out exactly the way I imagined it.

As you may have noticed my girls are getting a lot curvier, especially in the flesh pillows department! Well all I can say is this is something that will continue, as I'm not afraid to admit that drawing (and colouring) boobies is an extremely entertaining way to pass the time. Especially for a single guy like me ;-)

More updates soon.. stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hey hon,
It only me! Just though i'd leave a little note to say that i think you've come miles on the 'curviness' (for lack of a better word) on your pics recently. Faces and other details are looking amazing!

Jon Moss said...

Thanks Vix honey, means a lot!

Hopefully it'll only get better, I'm sick of drawing thin girls ;) Don't get me wrong, I still *love* thin anorexic model-type girls, but girls with curves are more fun to draw!