Thursday, January 06, 2011

Miss Mosh

Final finished colours for my tooned-up tribute to the delicious, divine, and desperately deviant miss-mosh

Had loads of fun with this one! The main consideration here was keeping the skin tone nice & light, as Miss Mosh has the most wonderful creamy porcelain milky-white skin.

Oh and of course I had to keep her iconic hairstyle!

The original inks for this piece can be found below.


Power Girl - Inks

First post of 2011!

My "toon" version of Power Girl. This is a follow-up to my Wonder Woman toon which turned out so well I thought I'd try some more comic book gals.

Was going to go straight to colours on this one, but thought I'd post the inks up here anyways. Btw I really have to stop doing those plain old circles for backdrops, but they work so well with so many images.

Finished colours will be up soon!

Power Girl is Copyright of DC Comics.