Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WIP - "Amber - Final Pencils"

Here's a quick update on a current Work In Progress..

These are the final pencils for an upcoming piccy. I've been wanting to get back to drawing some close-up portraits for a while now, so this is hopefully just the first of many to come.

Now to get cracking on inking her up! Hopefully the finished pic will be up in a few weeks.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Pic -"Bikini Bloodbath Showdown"

I realise I've often fallen back on similar facial expressions on my past work, so this was an attempt to draw a girl who looked really sexy, but also slightly pissed! Basically that idealised femme fatale idea of a girl who could kick your motherf****** ass & look damn good doing it!! :-)

The guns are a continued fascination of mine. Don't worry it's nothing sinister, I'm not about to join the NRA or anything, but I do find them challenging & interesting to draw. I will admit to cheating on this one to save time though. The lineart for the gun on the left was flipped over and mirrored on the right (in Photoshop).

I also went pretty stylised on the fingers. They're just basically modified square wedges, but they work.

More kick-ass chicks soon!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

New Pic - "Little Angel"

This is the result of me playing around with the way I draw my girls, trying to make them even cuter. I've been reworking the way I draw eyes, while looking at the mouth/nose relationship in regards to head shape and body proportions. I picked a couple of artists I admire greatly (Humberto Ramos & Randy Green) who draw the kinda girls I want to be drawing, and studied exactly what it was about their work that makes them cute.

Anyhow apart from the larger eyes and slightly smaller mouth, I realised that I'd been drawing most of my girls with realistic proportions i.e. 7 - 8 heads high. A lot of Humberto & Randy's girls have much more teenage proportions (5 - 6 heads high), which instantly makes them appear cuter.

So at the end of the day not only did I get a lesson in proportions, I also got to draw an x-rated teenage temptress to boot!!

Oh & here's a close-up version of just her face so you can get an idea of the detail in the linework.

Apologies for the t-shirt, but the Star Wars fanboy came in me had to come out to play..

More cuties soon!!

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