Sunday, April 02, 2006

Work In Progress - "Bootay-licious Ice Cream Gal"

Thought I'd update the blog this week by putting up some finished inks from my current project. Once she's finished she'll be a full length image (legs & high heels to come)!!

I really put in a lot of work on this one. I wanted to get her body looking as good as possible in that "make you stare" bikini!! In particular I paid special attention to her seriously "bootay-licious" butt, gave her some generous boobage, and killer hair to match! :)

Here's an upper torso & butt shot...

And a close up headshot...

Stay tuned for the finished colour version & more updates.


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff as usual.

Two points of constructive criticism though.
Her chin looks a bit pointy because of her hair obscuring it (minor).
Her ear is pointy like an elf's (major).

What is she doing with her other hand ? I hope it's what makes the ice cream melt.

Looking forward to the finished colour version.

Jon Moss said...

Thanks for the Crits Robert, always welcome!

I'm actually touching up the line work right now, so I'll fix the ear. It is a little too "elf-ish" for comfort!

I'll have a play around with her chin to see if I can fix that. As for her other hand I imagine she's holding another ice-cream, but whatever your imagination chooses... :)