Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Pic - "Reflections"

Just playing around, pushing myself in new directions, changing my style a little.

Been looking at a lot of japanese pin-up work recently & watching a lot of anime for reference. I want to get this style down so I can do a little of this & my usual styled work.

I must say I'm having a blast with these at the moment, as it feels like I'm evolving my style & growing with each picture.

This feels really different from my usual girls though, I feel like my feminine side is taking over (oh noes)!!

New Pic - "Green Radiance"

This is the first of my paid commission requests, that I'm taking via my Deviantart account

Requested by =sodacan based on his character Green Radiance.

I kinda threw myself in at the deep end with this one by (shock-horror) actually adding a background. Now, if you've looked through my gallery you'll realise I don't usually do backgrounds for my pin-ups. So of course for my first attempt I choose to do the most complicated backdrop I could possibly do!

Those buildings were a killer, both to ink & colour, but I think the end result is worth it. There's a whole boatload of perspective errors in there, but for a first attempt at a city backdrop it's not too shabby. I won't be drawing anymore buildings again for a while though!

Threw a painted sky in there to bring it all together.