Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Pic - "Dairy Queen"

Another week, another pin-up..

You should all note that in the "real world" this would be considered incredibly sexist. However, in the "pin-up world" a pretty girl in a pair of bikini bottoms, balancing an ice-cream sundae on her bottom, is pretty much an everyday event.

Well that's my arguement & I'm sticking to it!!

True Fact: The working title of this was "Ass-Cream Sundae". Then, after much deliberation it was decided that combination of words, in that particular order, conjoured up some really nasty images!

So she's called Dairy Queen instead, which is really much nicer.. I'm sure you'll agree.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Pic - "Josie"

Just made this girl up, drawing from my head, trying to get my ideal "dream girl" down on paper..

I usually go for the dark haired cuties with a bit of a rebellious streak, hence the star tattoos & skull panties. It always helps if they're willing to get their booberies out too!

I paid special attention to her nips. They need to look suckable, chewable and just plain lickable! Did I succeed? God knows.. but I think my tit rendering skills are improving & they look good enough for now.

More topless girls soon if this young lass proves popular.