Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sketches - "Boobies, Boobies & even more Boobies!!"

Hey guys,

Well the good news is the PC is finally up & running again. It took a lot more work than anticipated, and resulted in not only a new power supply and motherboard, but a new hard drive too & a total reinstall of Windows! So after all that all is pretty much back to normal *Phew*

Anyways while the PC was down I took the opportunity to get back into sketching, and I've decided to post some of them here. I don't usually post many sketches, as in my head I see them as "unfinished", stuff that's in progress and not yet ready to display. But I've recently had a change of heart, so you'll probably see more stuff like this popping up now & again.

Well to console me in my time of grief, I decided to draw some topless girls (yeah I know as if I need any excuse). But seriously, drawing girls "with their tits out" is a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon or two. Trust me, if more guys sat down & blew off all their excess testosterone by drawing topless girls, then I firmly believe the world would be a much better place to exist in :-)

Enjoy.. there's one based on Angelina Joile, a Natalie Portman one and the other two are just from my very own head. Collectively I call them the Boobie Gals...

...and yeah the necks are extra long on purpose, before you ask ;-)


Anonymous said...

I like the second one, i want her hair...gurrr...

Jon Moss said...

Yeah, I think I'll draw her up properly soon. I did pay a bit more attention to her hair ;-)

I want to draw up the Angelina one first though, she's the one I'm most pleased with!