Friday, July 21, 2006

New Pic - "Natasha - Boobie Girl"

Well back as promised with the finished coloured artwork of my latest Boobie Girl, Natasha.

I'm currently adding a seperate "Boobie Girl" gallery to my website, for easy viewing of all my Boobie Girl sketches & finished pics. It'll be up later this weekend..

For now, enjoy..


Anonymous said...

Love the hair...

Gallery looks amazing, i think it looks great, having all the boobie girls in a seperate section.

Obviously the idea of a seperate gallery came from an extrememly intelligent individual ;-)

Jon Moss said...

You always love the hair hon, what about the boobs??!! ;-) Are the nipples still too big?

I'm glad you like the ickle boobie girls gallery though, and yes the idea came from an extremely gifted & intelligent young woman! :-P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nipples are too big. But i guess i can live with it!!! After all, you need to have someone to be critical of your work, dont want you getting too cocky!