Sunday, May 28, 2006

New Pic - "Chasing The Dragon"

My latest pic has been under development for some time now. I originally drew the pencils for this one back in December, then inked her up a few months later, and now finally she's coloured!! So please without further ado google, stare and gawk (with the appropriate amount of awe) at my new redheadded goddess..

Not a lot to say really except *PHEW*!! This is one of my most detailed pics to date , just look at that hair will you??!! That alone took a good few nights of work just to ink up, don't even ask about the colouring ;-)

However I fully understand if your attention is drawn away from her hair by that gorgeous round shiny ass!! I made a commitment recently to start drawing more shapely girls, and I think this is probably my curviest little honey yet!

Just for the completists, here's a close up of her face, hair and tattoo...

Far too much detail in this one, but I think (hope??) it all pays off in the end! More soon..

*EDIT* Unfortunately Blogger seems to compress these .jpg files even more once they're uploaded, leading to additional noise & artifacts on the image! Therefore you can find a better quality untarnished full size version of the final image at my DeviantArt page here


Anonymous said...

Hi hon, think you were definately right to go for that background, looks really good.

Overall love the pic, one of your best me thinks!

Jon Moss said...

Thanks Vix,

Yeah I played around with different backgrounds for a week without success!! I was all ready to give up on her!

She's definitely one of my more eye-catching pieces, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I wish you would stop being so bloody good.
Just kidding, outstanding work.

I already liked the way you coloured hair and thought there was no improvement possible. I was wrong.
Also like her tattoo.
And maybe her big booty. Only because of the very subtle skintone variations going on on it.

I can't help but notice, but is there something beautiful going on between you and Vixen ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry! Just forget that cheeky last Q.
None of my business.
But I can hear John Paul Young singing though.

Jon Moss said...


Nah me & Vix are just good friends, she sometimes gives me advice on my artwork. It's good to get a female perspective on things now & again.

I thinks I have the hair down pat now, but I'm always improving. The hair on this one took forever to ink & tidy up !! I sometimes think I'm too obsessive with my detail, but people seem to like my clean linework, so who am I to argue? :)

Anonymous said...

I guess I was completely wrong then about you and Vix. Serves me right.

That's the thing with linework.
Even without colouring, good linework can cause jawdropping. For example the stage 2 drawing of the Anya tutorial.

Anonymous said...

your site is looking hella good!

Jon Moss said...

Thanks Princess Bianca,

Your site is looking pretty damn good too!! I remember doing that piccy of you, and you chastised me for getting the hair colour wrong >;>

You've come a long way since then..

Anonymous said...

Fancy implying somethings going on?!?!?!?!?!?

How do we know that both you men aren't playing for the other team and that there's not 'something beautiful' going on there!!!!


Ok, rant done.

Anonymous said...

I don't like team sports that much.
I can tell she really likes you Jon.
Oops, sorry.
Please forgive. I just couldn't resist.