Saturday, June 17, 2006

Quick Update

Hey all.. just a quick note to let you know my PC's gone belly up, so there won't be any new coloured stuff for a while. It looks like either the CPU or the PSU has burnt itself out.. whatever..

However the good news is all my latest work is totally unharmed on my external hard disk (a huge relief)!! I'm currently doing a little digital inking on my old Pentium 2, as I couldn't stop drawing the babes completely :-) However this PC is far too slow and decrepit to even think of colouring at the usual high resolutions I like to work at! I will however post up the finished inks soon to keep things ticking over on the site, and give you something new to look forward to.

Stick with me & things will be back to normal soon...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
That's really f.cked up news.
But at least you've still got another PC. No matter how slow. It saves you the withdrawal symptoms.

Hope it's cheap to fix/replace.
Keep updating.

Jon Moss said...

Hey Robert,

Yeah I've narrowed the problem down to the PSU, so not too costly to replace. All being ok I should have it up & running in the week..

As I said I'll try & post some finished inks to give you something to google at. My latest girlie Michelle is topless (for a change), as I thought for a guy so obsessed with boobage there weren't enough girls "with their tits out" on my site :-)

Also working on a piccy of Bianca Beauchamp as Elexis Sinclaire from the PC game Sin. I saw her dressed up on her site in the pvc outfit & couldn't resist drawing her!!

Check her out here

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,
That's good to hear about your PC.

Can't wait to see Michelle's heaving breasts rub against my screen.

BTW, how do you come up with names for the non-existent girlies?

I went to the latexlair.
Man, that Bianca Beauchamp has them bigger than live, our globe, whatever. I never realised they were THAT huge.
No wonder your PSU was fried. Complete lack of airflow in your PC case.Club news?

Jon Moss said...

Yeah Bianca certainly has boobage to spare.. and I've made them even bigger in my upcoming pic!!

As for names for my girlies I usually just think up something based on whatever model or actress I like at the moment. Or wait till I'm finished and see what name seems to suit her.

However while I was drawing my latest, I was looking at a lot of photos of Michelle Trachtenberg (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) so just kept the name.

Btw that anagram of "heaving breasts" is too good to be true!

Anonymous said...

Even bigger ?
Well I guess you're drawing on 15 meter A0 width banner roll paper then.

Did you look at pictures of the girlie or the more female Michelle (at 20/21) ?
Whichever, we're in for a terrific expression from her beautiful big eyes and eyebrowes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

Just poppin in to check if you managed to resurrect your box.

Jon Moss said...


No, I replaced the PSU but still geting the same problem. I've looked around various forums & it's quite a common problem apparently. Could be the CPU or motherboard, but I've got some tips on things to test.. so will be a little longer yet.

As for Michelle, it's not really a direct likeness more inspired by her. It's definitely an older Michelle, but still looks cute though ;-) I'm almost finished on the inks, another few days & I should be able to post 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

It's beginning to look like an expensive repair now. Hope you can at least return that PSU.

Wanted to show you 3 (bad) pictures of how your terrific dual screen wallpapers looked like on my monitors. But under the given circumstances I better not post the links.

Take your time with Michelle.
Just be gentle and leave something for us.