Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Pic - "Little Miss Hellraiser"

Ok back with a new piccy..

This one started off based on one of my fav models Masuimi Max, but kinda veered off course a little. There's still a little of Masuimi Max's cuteness in the face if you look closely though..

I've been toying over adding some tattoos to her, however the ones I tried didn't look quite right. I may however alter her at some stage. I think her arms need some tats, they look a little bare at the moment.

I just have a feeling she's slightly unfinished without some insane body modifications! She does have an eyebrow piercing if you look closely though..

More soon, thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I quite like the simplicity of it hon, unfussy!

Also love the red in the hair.

Very nice overall.


Jon Moss said...

Thanks hon,

Glad you like her! I still think she needs a couple of tattoos, maybe on her arms..

And just for a change, I won't do a nude version of this one ;)

Anonymous said...

Very Very Nice ... line work and color is outstanding. Your colors are so pleasing.

Jon Moss said...
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Jon Moss said...

Thanks "anonymous",

Whoever you are, your comments are very much appreciated. Please stop by again..

Anonymous said...

Very nice of you to draw a girlie with a JSC type of waist and hips again.
This is more my type of girl Jon.
She's shaped just like the old glass Coke bottles.

Her face also has some resemblance to Angelina Jolie.
And her hair is beautiful again. But that's becoming a regular now. ;-)

Btw, visited the Suicide Girls website. I stayed there much longer than anticipated. Like I always say : Women are women are beautiful.

Recently spent a little time at these two websites :
Especially at this page :
The picture at the top, of the girl bodypainted with roses is my favourite.
Tell me what you think after visiting this sectio: "Chicks Kissing Chicks".

Jon Moss said...

Thanks Robert,

Yeah I tend to alternate lately between the fuller figure "exaggerated" girls, and the more balanced type. Depends what state of mind I'm in..

You're right there's a little bit of Angelina in her face. Could be because I've got a photo of Angelina on my wall above the PC. Soaking up inspiration without realising, I guess!

Suicide Girls is indeed a wonderful site, full of your non-typical beautiful girls!! But then I love piercings & tattoos on girls anyway. And as for the girls kissing girls site, which guy doesn't like a bit of girl on girl action??!! Which could be inspriation for an upcoming pic.. maybe..

Anonymous said...

Thought you would like the "Chicks Kissing Chicks" section. So do I.
I'm back to the nightclub.

Maybe.. ? Don't make me beg.

Anonymous said...

She looks so sexy on the main menu.
What an expression on her face.
I better obey.