Friday, April 14, 2006

New Pic - "Bootay-licious Bikini Girl"

Well here she is (after much playing about), the final full length colour version!

And a close-up shot, to show off the detail in her face...

And just for the hell of it (hey, you know you want it)... a close up shot of her bootay :)

I've been looking at a lot of J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl, Wildsiderz) work recently, and I really wanted to push for a similar style on this one. His girls are just so sexy!! The whole colouring job came in at under two days, which is not bad at all considering the size of the final pic!

No promises, but if I can find time there may be a bikini-less, nude version of her soon!!


Anonymous said...

Jon, congratulations!

You really outdid yourself this time.
The colouring is marvellous, highlights and shadows.'
It has a bit of an airbrushed look.
But luckily not too much, like in the early days of computer colouring in Comics.
Everything was over-airbrushed.

The closeup of her booty (and boobs) made me realize what you mean with having fun drawing more rounded & fleshy girls.
I like her new ear, and you gave her earknobs.
Also you let her keep her beautyspot.

Anonymous said...

The hair, the hair!

Each time I forget to tell you about the hair. I really love the hair.
The same technique/style used on the hair of Eliza Kinky Boots, the most recent Vampirella, Penny The Dominatrix, Hannah, Tasmin.

Also, because you progressed so much, has your workflow changed from how you describe it in your tutorial ?
Are you still a "sort of Dr. Frankenstein" ?

Jon Moss said...

No probs Robert, thanks for the feedback.. I'm glad you like her!

I'm vey pleased with how the colouring turned out, especially the little highlights on her ass :) I've been referencing a lot of comic work recently & studying how the colours are laid down, just trying to improve.

As for the hair, it's been a long struggle to get to the stage where I can do hair like that! I love girls with long hair, but it can be a real pain to learn how to draw and colour it effectively!! I used tear my own hair out trying to figure out where the highlights should be etc :)

My workflow is basically the same as the tutorial, but with a lot more stages once you reach the colouring!! I'll have to do a new tutorial soon, with all my new techniques.. it's just finding the right piccy to use.

I'm working on more stuff right now, so there should be an new update next week.

Anonymous said...

I more than "like" her, Jon. ;-)
She is reference material now, when I look around me.

I also prefer girls with long hair.
There's only one who always looks better with short hair : Halle Berry. The period where she had long hair, was a big turn off.

Regarding the new tutorial you would like to do, why do a complete tutorial from start to finish ?
Would it be a good idea to focus on a certain (body)part (eyes, hair, boobs) per tutorial ?
Maybe then you could also go into [b]just[/b] a bit more detail.

Curious about the "more stages once you reach the colouring!!".
So I'm looking forward to a new tutorial. At your leisure ofcourse.

Alas it's not going to make much difference to me, because I gave up on following along with your tutorial in Illustrator.
Also see my question regarding exactly this subject here :
BTW, there are some great tutorial CD-ROMs there
, providing I would use a raster graphics based program.

BTW, the link to the website that you emailed me, requires a password now. (Been there twice, never registered, and haven't been there for quite sometime.)
Could you please email me, if there is another link where I can register, or where you could propose me as new member ?

Jon Moss said...

Well I'm glad you "love" her then ;)

Unfortunately that site I referred you to is not accepting new members, and you have to be an "elite" member before you can invite anyone. There are a few other sites around though, why not try..

Plenty of HQ celebrity & model pics there. Lots of reference pics of girls in various poses etc

If you need some inspiration for Illustrator, then you should def check out Alberto Ruiz's stuff. He works in Illustrator and does amazing pin-up style girls...

He's done a few step by step Illustrator articles for DRAW magazine, which you'd probably find immensly helpful, although I have no idea if issues are still available.

Oh, I think there's a few qirls I can think of who look cute with short hair though, Natalie Portman & Winona Ryder spring to mind. Although you definitely need the right face shape to carry off the cropped look! Long hair is much more fun to draw though!!

Good idea with the tutorials, I may just have to do a small tutorial on various things, scanning pencils, inking, colouring the linework etc

Stay tuned Robert, more girls to fall in love with soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the superiorpics link.

But I already knew about Alberto Ruiz.
Visited the links from his Process Junkie blogspot.
Couldn't find the tutorials (in any format) on the net though, sofar.
Still considering buying all of the still available stuff in the bookstore at his Scribblettes blogspot.

I also still visit his old site at

As for the Stay tuned Robert, more girls to fall in love with soon!!
I'm waiting Jon.
I'm waiting. (chuckles)

Anonymous said...

I just don't believe this.
Googled for the tutorials one more time.
Found them here :
Alberto Ruiz tutorials - DRAW!#7,#8, #9, #10, #11, # 12.
Checking out pricing now.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like the sketch of her, but i think it looks fab now its finish. She's a bit too 'masculine' looking for me, not sure why i think this. Maybe its the pose! But i love the colour of the hair, and her lippy is amazing! I want that hair!

Also, love the ice cream, not sure why, but it just really appeals and catches they eye!

Chat soon honey,


Jon Moss said...

Thanks Vix,

Glad you like her hair, I'm sure you could get the same effect on your with a little red dye & a blow dry! ;)

The colours really bring this one alive though I agree, the colour version is a huge improvment on the inked version.

Will chat with ya soon!