Sunday, September 19, 2010


Finished colours!! Yay!!

A few details on the colouring process:

- I used around 20 or so layers in this one. Worked at low res first (40 dpi or so) to get a nice blend on the skin tone then rez'd her up to the finished resolution to add details etc.

- Lots of blending with the airbrush set on really low pressure (around 8%) to get those lovely skin graduations.

- The tattoo was drawn up & coloured separately as a full size image and put in place right at the end. It actually says "Amor vincit omnia" or "Love conquers all", but the type is too small to read on this low-res version. Bah.

- I've uploaded the full size tattoo to my deviantART scraps gallery, you can view it here

- The amazing type font used for the tattoo is by a fellow talented deviantART member and you can get it here

Plus I finally found a decent skin tone at last, so I'm damn well using this skin tone for every girl I do now!!


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