Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cheeky - Inks

Inks for an upcoming pin-up.

I've been pushing myself to broaden my range of expressions lately. Looking back through my gallery I always seem to fall back on the pouty lips, and truth be told they've become a little overused.

So in the interests of trying something new I slapped a big beaming smile on this honey! I've never really drawn a lot of girls smiling as my attempts in the past always ended up making the girl look like she was in immense pain, or attempting to impersonate Marilyn Manson.. which is totally not the desired effect! But I've learnt a lot since those attempts.

I gave her some stockings too as they seemed to suit the black bra / panties / high heels combo she's rockin' there.

Oh, and there's that ass too.. just in case you needed reminding!!

Enjoy, colours will be up soon-ish.

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