Monday, March 21, 2011


Apologies for lapse in updates again, so much for my new year resolution! Let's rectify that straight away.

Couldn't resist this one really. Saw Tron Legacy & really enjoyed it, but Jeff Bridges & Lightcycles aside Quorra was definitely the standout for me.

I loved Olivia Wilde's take on this character. My fav scene was Quorra professing her love of Jules Verne, so geektastic!

Ok there's a few issues with my version of the suit. I flipped the reference image before I drew it and didn't realise the light strip only runs down one leg & should actually be on her other leg. Then I saw the movie & was "DOH!", so there's that..

I also added a few more light strips to the suit as it was looking a little lifeless. So not totally 100% accurate but like The Goonies it's good enough!

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