Friday, March 12, 2010

Take it Off

My latest pin-up.

I've been conciously attempting to open up my style a little lately, as I felt I was drawing the same facial features over and over again, and looking back through my gallery quite a few of my pin-ups look kinda similar.

So in an attempt to change things slightly I've recently been studying a lot of Adam Hughes' work and trying to pick up some hints. I love the way he draws faces and expressions with minimal linework, and in particular the way he draws hair, and gives it that flowing, cascading feel.

Therefore I drew the hair a little differently in this image, and I think it works a lot better. I'll definitely be using this style again.

I also wanted to create a sexy, sensual image without falling back on showing the usual boobies.. although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a nice set of bean bags!


Anonymous said...

Boobies are wonderful.. but I can see how they would fel like short-hand to sexy. Your 'small of the back' in this picture is a nice alternative.

Viczen said...

Lush lush lush :-)