Monday, September 28, 2009

Yuki - More Than A Handful

I've been sketching loads of girls with huge breasts recently. Not sure why, but they are fun, fun, fun to draw & colour! :D

Anyway here's the first of 'em all coloured up and ready to play!

Yuki's as cute as a button, fully loaded up-top, and has rather all-too-willingly agreed to strip down to her panties for this shot. She wanted to leave her socks and shoes on though, apparently the floor was too cold for her delicate feet.

Still trying to perfect my boobie colouring techniques, so I've been referencing lots of Anime illustrations. Hopefully all that work is starting to yeld some payback.

Oh & here's the pantyless variant version for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy, more to come soon.

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