Monday, August 03, 2009


A rather coy young lady from me this time, (meaning her booberies are hidden from view).

I used lots of layers on this image. Still trying to perfect my flesh tones & colours, and as always I adore colouring hair. Just getting all those tones and highlights in there is fun in itself. I added some freckles on her shoulders and arms too, just to give some texture and details.

The pose was actually taken from a photo of Megan Fox, but I changed the likeness up as I wanted her to to have a whole redhead/strawberry blonde things going on up there.

There are various definitions for the meaning of name Persephone depending on where you look. A select few are;

- the Greek goddess of spring
- she who is borne of holy sacrifice
- the ineffable maiden
- she who conveys the ineffable / incapable of being expressed / indescribable

The name can also curiously enough be translated as "bringer of destruction", but that's not really the angle I was going for here.

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