Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Pic - "Dairy Queen"

Another week, another pin-up..

You should all note that in the "real world" this would be considered incredibly sexist. However, in the "pin-up world" a pretty girl in a pair of bikini bottoms, balancing an ice-cream sundae on her bottom, is pretty much an everyday event.

Well that's my arguement & I'm sticking to it!!

True Fact: The working title of this was "Ass-Cream Sundae". Then, after much deliberation it was decided that combination of words, in that particular order, conjoured up some really nasty images!

So she's called Dairy Queen instead, which is really much nicer.. I'm sure you'll agree.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not so sure about the angular cheek bones and general side of head details on this one, also slight feeling that legs are a bit short maybe?!?! Might just be the pose :-) Loving the lines of the back and stomach though, general body shape is fab!

Hair should be longer IMO ;-)