Sunday, July 15, 2007

Coming Soon - "The Dirty Girls" & "When Tentacles Attack"

Well, after taking a poll of fellow Deviantart users I've finally decided to dip my toe into the realm of drawing x-rated pictures. It seems most people there want to see this kind of thing from me, as long as I don't stop drawing the cute pin-up girls & cartoons.

Plus, let's face it my current adult gallery is in a rather sorry state. I don't think I've added anything new to it in over a year!!

So let me announce two new x-rated picture series which will be coming soon. First up we have "The Dirty Girls"...

This ongoing series will feature x-rated pin-up's and sex shots. It'll feature content similar to my current pin-up's and cartoons, but a LOT more explicit!! I'm talking girls showing everything & doing pretty much everything and anything at the same time!

And if that wasn't enough, next up we have "When Tentacles Attack"...

This series will feature my hentai/tentacle artwork. Basically hot young girls getting ravaged by tentacles in every way imaginable.. and then some!! This will again be centered around very explicit "adult" images.

But what if you like my current artwork just fine, and you don't want to see any x-rated stuff?? Well don't worry, I'll be setting up a separate blog site for all my x-rated work, and all the images will be tucked away in the adult section of my website. So if you so wish, you never have to warp your fragile little mind, and can continue to live in a state of blissful peace & goodwill :)

I'm currently working on images for both these series, and hoping to get something up in a few months time. So the normal updates may take a bit of a hit, but I'll try to put something new up every few weeks if possible.

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