Sunday, June 03, 2007

WIP - "Tasmin - Final Pencils"

Finished pencils for another close-up cutie..

A girl with big flowing hair was the aim here, cascading over her shoulders. Halfway through it all went a bit 70's Charlie's Angels/Farrah Fawcett with some flicks in the hair, which is no bad thing as Farrah Fawcett was a major hottie :)

I added the freckles as a last minute thing, not sure if I'll keep them for the final image though.

Damn that hair's gonna take FOREVER to ink !!!


Anonymous said...

If it was me (being the fab artist i am - lol) i would keep the freckles on the face, but maybe tone down / loose the ones on the body - JMO!

Jon Moss said...

Yeah Vix, I think I'll tone them down on the shoulders & cleavage area. Hopefully when I add a little colour they'll blend in :)

Glenn Clark said...

i love your drawlings. but i hate the freckles. but it is up to you i thank you should make the end on the chin a little more rounder i thank it would make them cutier but that is my thoughts lol. how long does it take you to draw it? and ink it? and then color it? i was kind of wanting to now exaculy how long for each thing. i thank i am not spending a nofe time when i draw,ink, and color my stuff.

Jon Moss said...

Thanks for the input Trapper!

I may still leave the freckles off, I'll see what she looks like when I ink her up. After I drew them on I knew they stood out a little too much anyway.

I'll have to try rounding off the chins too. I'm slowly changing the way I do faces so it's all a learning curve, trying things out & seeing what looks best.

As for drawing times, I'm probably not the best person to ask as I spend waay too long on my work. But for your info;

Pencils - It usually takes about 2 hours to lay down the rough lines then another few hours to lay in the finished pencils.

Inking - I'm currently trying out normal inking on paper & digital inks. Digital inking takes way longer, but I get better results. It's about 2-3 evenings work to do the finished inks, so about seven to eight hours in total. But I am very obsessive complusive so everything has to be just right!

Colouring - Is much quicker than the inks, I can usually colour a pic in an afternoon. When I'm done I usually leave it for a few days then go back to it as I'll notice mistakes I didn't pick up first time round. Then I'll spend another few hours tidying it up/correcting stuff. So about five - six hours in total I'd guess.

I'm constantly trying to cut down on the amount of time I spend on each picture though. I tend to overwork my stuff, which gives it a slightly stiff look sometimes. I'm always trying for a more fluid sketchy look.