Monday, September 25, 2006

New Pic - "Slave Leia"

Or Slave Leia - "Teenage Jailbait Version"!! Ok so she never flashed as much ass flesh in Return of the Jedi, but a little artistic licence never hurt..

I was recently reminded of an old Slave Leia pic I did years ago, due to an article on about the whole Slave Leia "Metal Bikini" phenomenon. Unfortunately time had not been good to my old pin-up, I can hardly bear to look at her now. I've improved so much over the last couple of years it seems!

So I decided it was time for a new Slave Leia! A sexy teen version of the much loved fantasy figure in all her glory.. oh, and what the hell.. let's throw in a lightsaber for good measure!!

So enjoy, but remember this version of Leia doesn't need Luke to rescue her.. she's got a lightsaber & she knows how to use

More stuff soon... a Betty Page Pin-Up is on it's way.


Here's some close-up's for good measure so you can see the details..

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Anonymous said...

I like the new Leia better, but she doesn't fit the image format of my Metal Bikini review. Sorry! :)